Saturday, July 10, 2010

Art Loop 3

Here are a few pictures from last nights Art Loop 3 at Urban Avenue. The Art Loop featured the work of Myself, and Crae Washington. I should have taken more pictures, but I was doing a lot of talking with the camera in my pocket for most of the time. But these are some of the pictures I did take when the camera was out. Special Shout out to BJ and owner of Urban Avenue, Crae Washington, Andre Wright and Andre Robinson. All the people promoting this, Urban Avenue, Color of Life, Grown Man Entatainment, Star and Drama, Bloc Suite, and Misguided Dreamers Under the Influence. The show was a success! Special, Special shout out for EVERYONE who took time out to stop in and check out the artwork! Thank you for supporting the arts! Thank you all!
-Sean H


  1. Awesome. looks how you enjoyed your night.

  2. Cousin, wouldn't have missed it.

    For all that are reading this, continue to support greatness while it's here. Don't sleep. Talent is evident.