Wednesday, May 26, 2010

David Banner and 9th Wonder

This album needs to come out tomorrow! Every song I heard from them two has been FIRE! 9th Wonder is one of my favorite producers to by the way!

Monday, May 24, 2010

The Underground Blogazine

Recently I did a interview with Blogazine displaying my work. Peace to them for reaching out to me, I definitely appreciate that! Read the interview here::::::

The Freshest Kids

I recently just watched this documentary about B-Boys and Hip-Hop called "The Freshest Kids" The documentary was basically about the how B-Boying is one of the essential things in the Hip-Hop culture (B-Boying, Graffiti, and Mcing, Djing) and the rise of it during the early 80's, and where it is today. And I thought about this video I seen awhile back. Great dance moves. Song isnt to bad either I guess..

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Bob Marley Poster Entry

My entry for the bob Marley Peoples Festival Contest. Hope it wins. If not, I'm happy with it. It was fun.

Art Loop at Urban Avenue

Some pictures from the Bob Marley Peoples Festival Poster contest/Art Loop held at Urban Avenue in Wilmington, Delaware. Thanks for everyone who came out and supported the artists. Special shout out BJ, The Owner of Urban Avenue, and to the lovely women of SophDef (Sophistication Defined) Thanks for everything!

Nas Regrets Not Being On OB4CL2

I found this link ( of Nas saying he regrets not being on Raekwon's Only Built For Cuban Linx 2. Nas is still my number 2 favorite MC ever, Ghostface being number one of course, But I wish he was on OB4CL2! It's still as good as the first one, but a Nas verse would have really set it off. If you have been living under a rock and haven't heard Raekwons's Only Built for Cuban Linx 2, please go do so now! It actually made TIME magazines Top 10 things of 2009. Don't believe me? Click here..,28804,1945379_1943810_1943824,00.html

Alicia Keys-Unthinkable Live performance

Alicia Keys always puts it down when she performs live. Nice Vocals, Nice live instruments, not to mention Alicia is fine as ever to!

Sunday, May 9, 2010

The Natti

I took a lil vacation from the east coast to visit some family out in Cincinnati, Ohio. Here are some of the pictures. Yes that is a Chad Ochocinco Sugar cookie. Cincinnati supports their sports stars. lol

Art By LaBront

Check out my art friend LaBront's work. He does Photography, Art, and Tattoos. Real nice with it too. Keep up the good work brotha! Check his site out right here for more of his work.

Andrew Howard Throwback

My Photography friend, Andrew Howard dug in the crates and found a old picture we took when I was living in Philadelphia a few years back. Check out his blog and post for more info on it. Thanks again Drew.