Sunday, February 27, 2011

If your in Delaware, come check me out. I will have some of my artwork on display at this event. Shout out Marchitect for making this all possible!

"This is the premier of YAHEARD.COM's new television series YAHEARD TV on the big screen at Wilmingtons THEATRE N. The episode features The Godfather of Hip-Hop culture Afrikka Baambatta, as well as interviews with Law and Orders Ice-t, amongst others. The event includes a live Dj (Dj Mech), Delaware Visual artist Sean Henry's art work on display, and a re screening of the award winning "Guilty or Innocent of Using The "N" Word". Refreshments are available and drinks for those who are 21 and over."

Duponts Nemours Theatre (THEATRE N)
1007 North Orange Street
Wilmington De


I know this is a kids movie, but you cant deny how great it looks. I love animation and detail they put into these movies. I seen the trailer last month and wanted to see it ever since. It comes out this Friday, so I will be checking this movie out this weekend.

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Raekwon "Shaolin vs Wu-Tang"

New video from Raekwon's upcoming album "Shaolin vs Wu-Tang" March 8th 2011.

Just wanted to give some shine to my twitter friend Lazyeyegraphics. He does some dope graphic design work. I like his style and the texture his work has. He's also the Official Designer for Raekwon the Chef from the Wu-Tang Clan and Raekwon's record label IceH20. Keep up the good work homie! Check out more of his work here:: and Follow him on Twitter Here::

HTC Thunderbolt

This is the HTC Thunderbolt from Verizon Wireless. I'm Thinking about getting this phone this week when it comes out this Thursday. It's definitely time to upgrade from my Motorola Droid. The retail price 249.99 with a two year contract. HTC here I come. #TeamAndroid

Monday, February 7, 2011

Black Ops - First Strike Map Pack Official Trailer

This is the new Map pack for Call of Duty Black Ops. Its been out for a week now, and the maps are actually pretty good. Out of the 4 new maps, my favorites are Discovery and Stadium. If you don't have them, they are worth the 1200 pt download on Xbox Live.

Trading Artwork

My friend Chad Trutt ( and I started trading artwork back and forth since October. He took a pic of the images I sent him. They look dope framed up. Now I'm debating on which of his artwork I want reprinted and sent to me.

Thank You!

Just wanted to say Thank You! to everyone who supported, blogged, tweeted, ReTweeted all my postings about this past Art Show. It was a success. I didnt take any pics, but I met new people. New people seen my artwork, and got more traffic to my website. So once again, Thank you for all the support! -Sean H