Thursday, April 21, 2011

Battlefield 3 - 12 Minutes of Gameplay Footage Trailer [HD]

This game looks CRAZY! I'm a Call of Duty guy, and I never played the previous 2, but seeing this gameplay trailer makes me wanna try it. So we will see! Game drops in the FALL of 2011

"Bushido Brown" Custom Jacket part II

My friend Shawn commissioned me to create another Boondocks character jacket for him. This time it was Bushido Brown. I drew the character in a suit holding a Cane as his Fraternity does. I like how it came out.

Nas Lives In The Shadows (Funny or Die Skit)

This skit to me is hilarious! Nas is so laid back, its funny seeing this side of him. He should do more skits like this to show his personality. Funny stuff!

Raekwon - Ferry Boat Killaz Video

New Rakewon Video off his "Shaolin Vs Wu-Tang" CD. Love this visuals and the song

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Lunch Time Sketch

I was bored on my lunch break at work, and I found this image of this old Army Officer in the Delaware News Journal. I decided to draw him "MY" way, and here is the outcome.

iPad 2

So finally after 3 attempts to get the Ipad 2, we finally got it. So glad Best Buy was taken reservations on it. I bought it for my girlfriend as a present and we love it. Sleek design, fast processor, slim, great battery life. Apple created a excellent product in this. I wasn't sure what we would do with it, or why would we even need it. But after having it for a little over a week, its so much you can do with it. It can be used as a E-reader, video player, music player, web cam, Etc. It's just an overall great product. I'm impressed everyday with it. If your considering getting a Tablet, get an iPad 2.

B-Body Tattoos

My good friend Brenton just started his business called B-Body Tattoos. He creates custom tattoos for clients at decent reasonable prices. His work I seen has been very good, and I can vouch for him that hes a genuine good guy. So if your interested in getting some ink done, shoot him a email here and ask for a quote :: also make you sure you follow him on Twitter::

36 Chambers Sculpture

I was browsing online and found this sculpture/toy created from the Wu-Tang Clan's Classic 36 Chambers album cover. I'm a huge Wu fan and I thought this was very cool. If anyone knows where I can buy this, or is it just one of a kind, please let me know!

"The Boondocks" Custom Jacket

I created a vector image of Riley from the cartoon/comic strip "The Boondocks" for my friend Shawn so he could get it sewn on a jacket for his Fraternity. It was fun using Adobe Illustrator to create this. He likes it a lot, and I think It came out great!

Mobb Deep - Shook Ones Pt2 Sample

Finally the Mobb Deep sample from Shook Ones pt 2 is out. Forever its been a mystery, but its now revealed. The sample is actually from Herbie Hancock. If you love Hip-Hop you know, this has to be one of the best Hip-Hop songs ever. Classic Mobb Deep. Kinda cool knowing that they sampled Herbie Hancock to create this classic instrumental/song

The Natti

Every year I always take a trip to Cincinnati, Ohio to see my family out there. This time my brother and Cousin came with me as well. I was sick for most of trip, but its always good to see family. 4 days of Call of Duty Black Ops, Def Jam Rapstar, cracking jokes and NCAA college basketball. Perfect vacation for me.

Pencil Sketch Final

I recently created a pencil drawing finish for my friend Ashley's daughter. It was a gift for her daughter on her birthday. Thanks again for the commission Ashley. Glad you like it.

Lil Wayne - 6 foot 7 foot Video

Hype Williams makes the best Hip-Hop hands down. Visuals are crazy on this. Dope songs as well

Back At It

Sorry for the Delay in updates, but Ive just been super busy. But I'm back!