Saturday, January 2, 2010

Capricorn Yearly Horoscope 2010

In year 2010, you are blessed with sharp mind and intellectual depth. Success (both financial and emotional) shall come through communication (all forms, regular or electronic, conscious or unconscious) and short trips and travel. For some of you, there is solid social recognition stored this year and for others, their social status would be challenged.

You’ll be presented with educational, travel and communication opportunities this year and you are likely to make most of it. You are advised to invest your time in “adding value” to your existing skill set and learn new things as well. You’ll benefit (gifts, inheritance and opportunities) through short trips, messages and communication with acquaintances and social circle. There will be expansion in career and wealth. This year, neighbors or siblings/classmates could be particularly advantageous. Your understanding grows and your capacity to make use of knowledge/skills sharpens. You put across your thoughts passionately, and hence they are received well. If you’re in writing, publishing or intellectual works, you will find loads of opportunities and your creative juices flow amazingly. Overall, you seek pleasure in communicating, learning, and socializing.

You’ll also be able to build up a secured foundation, both for professional and personal life. Your social/professional status will be challenged and you’ll go up the ladder if you deserve it and may go downwards if you don’t. Deserving people are always aptly rewarded and so happens this year. Put it this way, you’ll realize/discover your real standing and position in society. You may find yourself working hard, working out duties and responsibilities, and end up either earning name and fame or being punished for taking short cuts. There may be some upheavals at home front as you deal with matters related to roles and responsibilities. You are likely to have new or increased responsibilities this year, and it might take some time to get adjusted to them. You may also have to leave home for educational purposes. There might be a need to re-organize your life.

So to sum it up, you’ll benefit from your enhanced intellectual capability and communication. Good opportunities career-wise stored for you this year. You’ll also understand your real status in society. Don’t overdo things as health hazards because of constant pressure at work may come up.

I'm a Capricorn and I thought this 2010 yearly horoscope was interesting.

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