Saturday, March 24, 2012

Ego Free Music Group

I ran into my Brothers fraternity brother, John Graham last night, at an album listening party. He passed me his album in a crazy that ive never seen before. I have seen Cds, flyers, but never has anyone passed me an entire album on a rubber band USB flash drive. Once you pop the flash drive into your computer, its filled with three folders containing music, wallpapers, and videos. It also features a thank you for purchasing/how to use this flash drive video. The music is DOPE, and def worth downloading on Itunes. Check them out here and support!

Jeremy Lin

Jeremy Lin came out of no where playing GREAT for the New York Knicks. My friend Chad and I decided to pay homage to him by creating some artwork. We wanted to play off of Bruce Lees Enter the Dragon movie. The part in the movie where he has the final fight with the guy with the claw. Heres what we have so far..

New Blu-Rays

Over the weekend I picked up a few of my favorite movies on Blu-Ray. Bad Boys, City of God, and Belly. All great films

Friday, March 2, 2012

ODB Painting

Found a older ODB painting I did from a while back, thought Id share.